Wrap Conversion Ringsling

Wrap Conversion Ringsling

We can slingify your wrap with a few options for shoulder style. We use specialised aluminium rings for the conversion and we have quite a number of colours for you to choose from. We do not provide the fabric.

  • Choose rings!

    If you don't plan to send rings with your wrap to be converted, don't forget to choose a pair of rings for your conversion here

    Aluminium Rings

  • Shoulder styles

    Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions write a great article about the different shoulder styles. View the details here.

    SNUGG (padded)

    Simply SNUGG shoulder style is what we offer for those who wants some cushy padding installed on the shoulder of their slings. This shoulder style requires additional length of 12" to make.

  • What length should I go for?

    The length of your ringsling is not determined by size of baby. It is mostly determined by your height and built. Perhaps you can choose ideal size by referring to your T-shirt size. This is assuming the ideal length is when the tip of tail falls at mid-thigh. If you prefer longer tail, select a size longer and vice versa. Please note also that wraps has tapered tail, the narrower the tapering of your wrap, the longer the tail would be.

  • Fate of the remnant

    We offer tapering, hemming and moving the middle marker of the remnant FOC to create a usable shortie from the extra wrap. Please note when you place your order that you want this done. We will return the remnants raw if it is not mentioned.

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