SNUGGbaby products are mostly composed of 100% cotton fabric thus subjected to fading. Our products are intended for use with babies. 

Due to the nature of the usage of baby carriers and diaper clutch, pre-washing is not necessary.

Drool pads should be pre-washed prior to use.

For best care, if you wash any of the items, do not use heavy detergent and those with a bleaching agent.

Cleaning SNUGGbaby's Stork, Mehdai, Ring slings.

  1. Spot clean - use a moistened towel or wet wipes and simply wipe clean the spot which is soiled. Let it air dry

  2. If a thorough cleaning is necessary, handwash by swirling it in water with mild detergent. Hang dry avoiding direct sunlight. Don't use a softener.

  3. If machine wash is prefered, place carrier in a laundry bag or pillowcase, wash on its own using delicate settings on the machine. use a mild detergent. Hang dry avoiding direct sunlight. Tumble dry is not recommended. Don't use a softener

  4. Due to the nature of the cotton fabric, the colours may bleed even after prewash especially denim indigo. You can rinse your carrier in cold water with some vinegar to further set the colour. Subsequently, the colour will cease to bleed after frequent use and wash.

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