There's poop on the carrier!

There's poop on the carrier!

My baby just had an explosive poop while being carried in the carrier. How in the world do I clean it now?? *panic ensues*

Calm down!

Read to the end. Check out the following video or click here for general instructions. Scroll further down for more thorough step by step instructions.

***Please note that the carrier is not designed to be washed frequently. It is meant to be treated just like a regular backpack. You don't wash your backpack, do you? Although, if it get soiled, this is how you can clean it up without hurting the carrier's lifespan. Discolouration may occur with washing due to the nature of fabric and dyes. Please refrain from using too much detergent or soap and avoid any usage of softeners.


Many times you may get just a little food stain or poop on the carrier. As soon as the stain occurs, grab yourself a wet tissue or cloth that you always carry around, and simply rub it off until the discolouration is gone. It will leave the spot wet and moist, dry it out first before you use the carrier again. However, sometimes this is not simply possible... most probably you are out with baby, you are after all using the carrier right? So, we won't judge, dry out the wet spot when you are home, safe and sound ;)


When only using a wet tissue or cloth doesn't quite cut it. Maybe you have just noticed a stain that probably had been there for weeks, take your carrier over the sink and wash the spot with water and if necessary with baby soap and scrub clean. Hang the carrier to dry under shade.


Grab a bucket that will fit the whole carrier, put a tiny amount of soap or detergent and put water enough to cover the carrier. plunge the carrier in the mildly soapy water. Give a scrub over the stain spots. After you are satisfied, change the water and plunge the carrier a few times until any soap residues are gone. You may need to change the water 2-4 times. Squeeze out water from the carrier to your best ability. Don't wring it. Hang the carrier to dry under the shade. Hang any detachable accessories separately.


Spot clean any stains first. Place the whole carrier into a big enough laundry net or a pillowcase in a neutral colour (to prevent any colour transfer from the pillowcase). Place them in the washing machine drum. Place a tiny amount of detergent (like a tip of a teaspoon. Set your machine to wash using delicate settings. Set it to skip the tumble dry cycle if possible. You can wash it together with other baby clothes to save water. When the cycle is done, remove it from the washing machine and hang it to dry under the shade. Straighten out any crumples with your hand. Hang any detachable accessories separately.

Remember, don't wash your carrier unless it is necessary. This will ensure the carrier will serve you well for your first, second, third, fourth, and we even have reports of the customer using it for their fifth child too! Happy babywearing and Salam Ramadhan!


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