Custom sized Drool Pads (pair)

Custom sized Drool Pads (pair)

If a standard size drool pads can't fit your carrier, opt to work with us to customise a specific size to fit yours. They are fixed with soft VELCRO® closure with one small toy loop on each sides.

  • Choose the fabric

    We offer our custom drool pads in either solid colour or printed colour. The colours and prints available are listed in our Fabric Library.

  • Custom Size

    We will need to create a pattern that will fit your carrier. You may need to arrange to drop by our studio with your carrier for fitting or you can send in your carrier for fitting. Additional shipping charges will apply.

  • What is PUL backing?

    PUL is a soft waterproof material that will make the drool pads waterproof. Without PUL, the drool pads will absorb drool with the highly absorbant bamboo fleece, but drool may still seep through to the carrier.

PriceFrom RM39.00
PUL backing

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