Updated on the 27/09/2019

This pricing list is for personalised SNUGGbaby items (custom order):

  • SNUGG Mehdai (standard) – RM195+

  • SNUGG Mehdai (XL) – RM220+

  • SNUGG Mehdai half-buckle (buckles on waist straps) – RM220+

  • SNUGG Mehdai full-buckle (a.k.a. Soft-pack) – RM245+
  • SNUGG Mehdai (BASIC wrap conversion) – RM220+

  • SNUGG Mehdai (wrap conversion half buckle) – RM255+

  • SNUGG Onbuhimo (wrap conversion, full buckle) - RM255+

*all according to our SNUGG MT design without hood​

​*without hood​

*Custom sizes charge- RM25

  • STORK (standard plain colour package) – RM377+

  • STORK (toddler plain colour package) – RM406+

*Custom sizes charge – RM25

*standard size can only be enlarged up to 16″

*toddler size can be made smaller to 17″ or enlarged to 20"

  • WCRS with rings – RM55

  • WCRS with rings and padded shoulder – RM66

  • WCRS with own rings provided - RM33

*tapering and hemming of the remnant from the same wrap is complimentary​

  • Shorten wrap (taper, hem, move mm) - RM5

  • Wrap Conversion Pouch sling - RM68

  • Nifté Diaper Purse​ - RM120+

Embroideries and patchwork

  • maximum of 10cm x 10cm frame - RM30

  • maximum of 26cm x 16cm frame - RM73


***ears for hoodie e.g. bear/cat/pony – RM15

***price may differ for exaggerated large ears

  • Straps adjuster (Stork for the petite parent) – RM12

    • inclusive with all Stork unless stated otherwise​

  • detachable phone pouch on shoulder straps - RM29

  • SNUGG Carrier Bag - RM79+

  • Nursing cover - RM129+ depending on the chosen fabric

  • Sling bag - RM79+ depending on the chosen fabric

Material Upgrade

Dino themed carrier

  • Upgrade to hoodie type hood - RM4

  • Dino ears - RM15

  • Spikes on hood only - RM20

  • Spikes on the body only - RM20

  • Full package inclusive of all above - RM49

    • choose a mix of colour and material according to your liking

+ varies with your selected print from fabric library and any additional customisation and accessories

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