A Shoulder to Lean On

A Shoulder to Lean On

We get asked a lot. Which shoulder style should I choose for my Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS)? You will encounter many different shoulder styles, technically the way you can pleat the shoulder and place the rings can somewhat be limitless but in this article, we will only discuss the most popular 4 types of shoulder styles that we offer to SNUGGbaby customers.

Why choose different shoulder styles?

Shoulder style influence:

  • The amount of spread to cup the shoulder of wearer when baby is carried in the sling. Is your shoulder narrow?

  • How the fabric spreads across the shoulder when baby is carried in the sling. 

  • How the fabric spread through the back of wearer.

  • Cushioning on the shoulder that the wrap/fabric itself provides. Whether your wrap/fabric used for ring sling is light or heavy


Like in this picture of myself, once upon a time, using the light-wash denim to carry Salih, the shoulder style is Simply SNUGG (padded) the shoulder is folded and sewn in a way that there is a mild padded placed inside which provides additional fluff and cushioning on the shoulder, the spread is only about 10" wide, there is not levy, you can't spread it any wider than this or should you scrunch it together to narrow the spread, that would probably be uncomfortable. 

Basically, you don't have much control over the spread, it is what it is, designed for new babywearers to experience wearing ringsling. It makes the sling easy to place the shoulder making sure it cups the shoulder generously and provide additional cushioning to prevent any pressure points. The spread at the back will be somewhat controlled.

 There is a mild padded placed inside which provides additional fluff and cushioning on the shoulder

Simply SNUGG (padded) Shoulder style requires up to 12" extra. The fold is rather generous so make sure your wrap/fabric length is enough if you would like to opt for this shoulder style. The price for the conversion is RM65.00 with rings.


To create SBP Pleats, the width of the wrap/fabric is sequentially pleated across and the width is drastically reduced to about 6" wide (depending on wrap/fabric thickness and initial width). This creates beautiful uniformed pleats across the shoulder. It limits the spread of the fabric, but still cups the shoulder nicely, and if you look across the back, the spread can be wide and quite uniformed.  The wearer doesn't have control over how the fabric spread over the shoulder. 

This creates beautiful uniformed pleats across the shoulder
Again, you cannot scrunch it to make it even narrower, I'd imagine that would be weird and uncomfortable. I never had the need to do that anyway when I use this type of shoulder style. This shoulder style can be difficult to make on a very thick wrap/fabric. At SNUGGbaby, we will alter the size of the pleats accordingly while maintaining the uniform pleat sequence.  A Patterned seam can be added if you would like a little extra touch. The price for this conversion is RM55.00 with a pair of rings. A patterned seam is an additional RM10.00. This shoulder style requires up to 4" of extra fabric to create the fold.


This seems like the most favourite shoulder style of all that we offer here at SNUGGbaby. It is made with some pleats on each side of the shoulder thus reducing wrap width. There are no pleats at the centre and this allows the shoulder style to have some structure but allowing some control over the spread of the fabric over the shoulder. Check out the photos below to see how this same wrap conversion with Eesti shoulder style can have some degree of spread.

untitled image
untitled image

Perhaps you can see why this is a favourite among ring sling users out there. Across the back, it spreads well too just like SBP or gathered shoulder style. This shoulder style is RM55.00 with a pair of rings and require up to 5" extra to create the fold.

4. Gathered

This is what I would say one of the most basic shoulder styles there is. The ring sling shoulder is sewn without any pleats at all, the fold is simply sewn all the way across. This shoulder style can spread as much as you allow it to and can be scrunched as well, just don't scrunch too much or it would be uncomfortable on your shoulder. Basically, you have full control over how much you want to spread it across your shoulder. 

Basically you have full control over how much you want to spread it across your shoulder. 
However, there is an issue of it spreading too much that it goes down to the arm and restrict movement. The solution is simply to readjust but it can be inconvenient at times. Despite that, it is still one of my favourite shoulder styles as this is the shoulder style I started with when I first learn to use the ring sling.  

As you can probably imagine, the fabric spreads well across the back and depending on the fabric thickness and how well you spread the fabric across the shoulder, it gives cushion on the shoulders too. This style is RM55.00 with a pair of rings, and a decorative seam is possible with an additional RM10.00. This requires up to 6" of length to create the fold.

If you would like to send in your wrap to convert to a ring sling, follow this link and we will assist you https://www.snuggbaby.com/product-page/wrap-conversion-ringsling

Do you have a favourite, can't live without shoulder style? Tell us which one and why! Or perhaps you have other shoulder styles you want us to discuss. Drop a line in the comments below.

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*both SBP and Eesti shoulder style is reproduced by SNUGGbaby with permission of the original creators of the styles.

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