SNUGGbaby is a full-fledged manufacturer of quality babywearing gear based in Ipoh. Designed for ultimate comfort for both parents and baby and high in the style factor, stocked at specialist stores across Malaysia and Singapore. SNUGGbaby also caters to custom made babywearing gears for a highly stylish lifestyle without compromising quality and comfort. SNUGGbaby also provides support by certified personnel in the form of consultation and counselling for parents with issues relating to babywearing and breastfeeding.

  • SNUGGbaby - Xerra Idris

    Xerra Idris

    2jam 7.5km 12,000step high back carry hero ni harini. Nasib baik behave layan view. I love babywearing!

  • SNUGGbaby - Darren Talkie Talk

    Darren Talkie Talk

    上个礼拜有搞笑小插曲. 我和妈妈因为人手真的很有限加时间不够用加阿弟开始粘人的关系, 积极寻找「Baby Wearing」这号母婴用品. 因为可以把阿弟给带在身上然后边处理事情可以非常有效缓解以上不足. 我们的也透过 @perfectmomnbaby 找到了 @snuggbaby , 约了时间见面选款/做了解/学习正确的使用方法. 一见到面,六目交投, 是邻居啦哈哈哈😄. 大家都住同个花园, 斜对面十几年; 才知道我们的邻居卧虎藏龙那么狂! @snuggbaby 是道道地地怡保萌芽品牌, 现阶段也有跨国售卖. 这产品本身全手工制作, 布料也经店主精挑, 花纹款式独特, 剪裁也非常细腻 - 更重要的是安全及舒服. 如果你近期也需要一个非常有质感的Baby Wearing的话, 找我邻居啦!

  • SNUGGbaby - Ayuni Ayatillah

    Ayuni Ayatillah

    What I ❤️about this carrier: 🌱 It grows with the baby (frm 3kg up until baby is 3 yo) - there’s an adjustable cinch belt that you can adjust according to baby’s size _ 🌼 It is made from tastefully selected and comfortable fabric (we can even customise our own design e.g embroideries, embellishment, etc) _ 🍄 It is founded and supported by a certified babywearing consultant. Their website has all the info you need and even vid tutorials to help us wear it properly. _ 🍂 It has a curved waist that fits the body snugly, it’s lightweight and airy and my favourite is that it folds into a neat SNUGG carrier sleeve when you are not using it (don’t have to worry about dangling buckles when storing it!)

  • SNUGGbaby - @zatykefli


    Since I have two toddlers yang baru belajar berjalan, I need to keep up with them, so memang tak boleh nak tolak Tiara dalam stroller. Tak terkejar dua orang tu. So wearing a baby carrier is the best option! Tapi susah kan nak cari carrier yang sesuai utk newborn & selesa utk zaty & baby. Sebab tu zaty pilih @snuggbaby Stork Baby Carrier ni. Snuggbaby ni dah 10 years in business & locally made! It’s airy, lightweight, curved waist, SNUGG carrier sleeve (with stork baby carrier), and banyak amazing designs and siap boleh custom made! & yang paling best, if ada any problem, zaty boleh contact their customer service and its supported by certified babywearing consultant.

  • SNUGGbaby - Rahaton Azirah

    Rahaton Azirah

    Dah boleh masuk dalam stork semula setelah agak lama jgk tak mau duk dlm ni. Nak didukung, nak dipeluk, inilah mudahnya guna stork. Ibu handsfree, tak lenguh sgt. Kalau nk terlelap sat dalam kereta pun tak risau. Kalau dukung dia dlm kereta tanpa guna stork, sgt risau kalau ibu terlelap. Risau terlepas dia dari pelukan.

  • SNUGGbaby - Ekaterina Edham

    Ekaterina Edham

    Drool pads are great for absorbing dribbles, catching spills and shielding Mummy's baju from sneezies. They're also great because they match the @SNUGGbaby Stork SSC pattern!

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