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Pre-order: Customise a Pair of Drool Pads

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If a standard size drool pads can't fit your carrier, opt to work with us to customise a specific size to fit yours. They are fixed with soft VELCRO® closure with one small toy loop on each sides.

Why do you need drool pads?

They are also called teething pads or suck pads or protective pads. They provide quite the similar function and works pretty much the same!

At SNUGGbaby, we create our drool pads using 2 layers of fabric. The inner layer is a highly absorbant bamboo fleece and the outer layer is from 100% cotton fabric and usually this is with prints or colours that you choose.

Our droolpads is fastened with soft VELCRO® Brand Fastening. We avoid using buttons at this part of the carrier coz as we know this is where babies like to nibble on and bite.

Some babies simply looooove to bite at this part of the carrier. The joint between the shoulder straps and body panel. By using the drool pads, your carrier will be better protected against extreme moist and when done babywearing, you can simply detach the drool pads and throw it in the wash together with the rest of baby's clothes. This helps your carrier stay fresh and wangi lol. We won't hold it against you if you prefer baby's masam.

So there you have it, one good reason to be using the drool pads for your carrier.

Drool pads are available on our website, you can purchase readymades, plenty of choices! You can also request one according to your prefered design or colour. Mix and match? No problem!

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