Simple Watercolour Logo (Digital Format only)

Simple Watercolour Logo (Digital Format only)

Designing a simple watercolour logo for your personal of business profile. The process flow of producing a digital format watercolour logo:


  1. Discuss sample logo designs, possibilities and limitations.
  2. Designer produces rough sketches and drafts for client.
  3. Upon agreement, designer produces artwork with watercolour on paper (A5 size) and submits a scanned copy to client.
  4. Artwork revision up to two times only.
  5. Designer converts artwork to digital format for client's usage (jpeg, png or ai) and delivered via email.


  • Physical artwork can be mailed to client upon request and additional shipping charges may incur.
  • Completion is up to 2 weeks depending on complexity and response time.



    Ipoh, Malaysia


    SINCE 2008

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