Batik Malaysia Ring Sling

Batik Malaysia Ring Sling

Babywearing made stylish with a modernise traditional sling. This sling is made with all cotton Malaysian batik from the East Coast. They are matched with a strong pair of aluminium rings that are specifically designed and safety tested for babywearing. This sling will be delivered to you in raw sewn fabric. Please wash and steam iron at high and cool it down before first use.


The length is ~79" which makes it an XL size ringsling. The sling width is at 29" making it suitable for newborns and older infants. The sling is made with single-layer local batik just like how batik is used as a baby sling traditionally.


*Free matching tote cover with each batik sling.

  • Care Instructions

    Before first use, wash the sling using delicate settings on the washing machine or hand wash with minimal detergent. Wash separately with light colours and whites. Dry it away from direct sunlight every time. Iron with steam on high and cool it down before trying with your baby. Do not iron the aluminium rings.


Ipoh, Malaysia


SINCE 2008

SSM 001821295-W​