SNUGGbaby currently accepts most models listed below. If your model is not listed, this indicates that your product is not eligible for the trade-in program. 

  1. Stork Baby Carrier
  2. Stork Toddler Carrier
  3. Personalised Stork Carrier (any sizes)
  4. Stork Wrap Conversion
  5. U.Di Mesh Carrier
  6. SNUGG Onbuhimo
  7. SNUGG Podaegi
  8. SNUGG Soft-structured Carrier (SSC)
  9. SNUGG Meh Dai (Mei Tai)
  10. SNUGG Buckle-tai
  11. SNUGG Soft-pack Carrier

Only carriers that carry SNUGGbaby® brand name and made by SNUGGbaby is eligible for the trade-in program.

The carrier can be in any condition, but must still have the basic components attached. If any hardware (like plastic buckles) is missing, please inform us beforehand. 

  1. Body with any original webbing and buckle attached
  2. Waist panel and straps with any original webbings and buckles attached
  3. Both shoulder straps with any original webbings and buckles attached
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