1. Can I trade in my carrier?

Check for eligibility of the carrier that you would like to trade-in. Basically, we accept only SNUGGbaby carriers.  

2. How do I contact SNUGGbaby to enquire or to check if I can trade in my aged SNUGGbaby carrier?

You can contact us through any of our social media, message us using the button on our website and also email us at [email protected] or initiate a conversation via WhatsApp

3. Who can use the SNUGGbaby carrier trade-in program?

Anyone with a SNUGGbaby carrier that is eligible for trade-in and would like to purchase a new SNUGGbaby carrier to replace it can use this program

4. Can I trade in carriers that do not carry the SNUGGbaby® brand?

Currently, we are unable to accept other carriers than listed in product eligibility. All carriers sent in for the trade-in must be made by SNUGGbaby. 

5. Can I redeem the coupon to purchase SNUGGbaby carriers from authorised retailers instead of SNUGGbaby.com?

Currently, the assigned coupon code can only be redeemed at SNUGGbaby.com. We will research and develop this program further to expand the accessibility of the trade-in program. 

6. Does my trade-in SNUGGbaby carrier has to be the same as the new SNUGGbaby carrier I intend to purchase?

No. They don't have to be the same carrier model or category. 

7. What does SNUGGbaby do with the damaged or aged SNUGGbaby carriers that are sent in?

These carriers will be thoroughly inspected, the usage data will be collected and compiled, The parts will not be used to make new carriers and will not also be refurbished and resold. These carriers are valuable to us in further developing our products and will be used for training purposes. They will then be ethically disposed of.

8. How do I ship my products?

Before you pack your carrier for shipment. Please give thanks for the services it has provided to you and bid it farewell. Then you can wrap it with plastic or paper and place it into a suitable shipment flyer size or in a box. Please use trackable courier services like PosLaju. Once you have sent us the package, please send us the tracking number so that we know when to expect the delivery.

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