Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS)

We can slingify your wrap with a few options for the shoulder style. We use specialised aluminium rings for the conversion and we have quite a number of colours for you to choose from.


There are 3 main things to consider when sending in a wrap to be slingified.


1. Shoulder type.

  • Wrap Conversion Ringsling for unpadded shoulder style – RM33.00 

    • the shoulder styles we can do (with permission) include SBP, Eesti and gathered shoulder. If you have a different unpadded shoulder style in mind, do contact us for further details. We require about 2m wrap at least. To convert the remnant to a shortie wrap is complimentary (move middle marker, taper the end, hem)

    • Read about different shoulder styles here

  • Wrap Conversion Ringsling for padded shoulder style – RM44.00 

    • padded shoulder style would be our special Simply SNUGG shoulder. We require at least 2.25m to convert your wrap to a ringsling with this shoulder style. To convert the remnant to a shortie is complimentary.


2. Length of ringsling

  • We typically do 75″ length as an average and this will suit most body types. However, do let us know if you require shorter tail or if you prefer longer tail. A longer wrap is needed for ring slings with a long tail.


3. Rings colour

  • We have 12 choices of rings colours (depending on stock availability). Choose one from the DIY section when you place an order for a wrap conversion ringsling. Rings are also sold separately in pairs.


*Price does not include aluminium rings.


We will forward you the shipping address if you plan to send in any wrap or other materials. Please ensure that the material you are sending is safe for babywearing. We inspect material for advice regarding length and pattern placement. We do not inspect nor can be held accountable for any cosmetic issue of the wrap that has been sent (pulled threads, broken threads, stain, etc.).


View our portfolio on wrap conversions here


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