Ordering a personalised item can be quite overwhelming especially if this is your first time. Rest assured that we will be able to guide you through and amendments can always be made up to a point that you state your confirmation of the details of the carrier via email. We provide consultation over the phone and email. 




Identify the item that you would like to order. Let's take a Personalised Stork Carrier for an example. Item listed is for one unit of Stork Carrier that would be made from scratch at our studio. You can read about the details of the carrier and prices of basic package and accessories are available at the price summary page.


Look through the list of fabric we have and note the fabric you are interested to use from our fabric library. We do not carry woven wrap fabric in our collection. Woven wrap fabric needs to be provided by the customer. Click here for info on wrap conversion.



When you are sure that you want to personalise a Stork Carrier with us, click on 'ADD TO CART'. Your item will be placed in the cart. Continue this process if you want to choose more products from our collection and add to cart.


To access your CART, you can click 'VIEW CART' at the pop-up or you can scroll to the top to click on the cart icon. Here, you can adjust the quantity or remove an item from the cart. 


Click on 'Add a note' if you have special instructions, like to request for telephone consultation, additional features, gift wrap, or Calligraphy note.​



When the items in your cart are set, you can proceed to payment. Choose PayPal to pay using PayPal account or credit card. When you choose PayPal, you will need to pay in full amount that is stated during checkout. Don't worry, we are able to arrange for a refund in any case of cancellation or price differences in the final order. You don't need a PayPal account to make payment using credit card.

If you would like to pay using online bank transfer or cash deposit machine, select 'CHECKOUT'. With online bank transfer, you can choose to pay just minimum RM100 deposit for your personalised carrier order. You can also choose to pay another amount. Full payment is required for personalised items that are less than RM100 in total.

You will be able to review again the items in your shopping cart, update the delivery address and proceed by selecting suitable shipment to your area.

Then again you will be able to choose to pay using PayPal, or you can select 'OFFLINE PAYMENT' if you prefer to make payment by bank transfer or use cash deposit machine. The account number will be displayed and you can choose to transfer to our MAYBANK account.

We are able to email to you the account numbers again if requested.

Your order gets through when you reach the page that says 'THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING! You will also get an automatic order confirmation email in your mailbox.




We will contact you via email and/or telephone to consult you over the design of the item you ordered. At this point, we will have two-way communication to finalise the design. We usually kick off the consultation process with a basic questionnaire that you can fill up to aid the consultation process.


Note: we have the rights to refuse to produce copyrighted artworks also materials from doubtful resources. We are also aware of Cultural Appropriation and have the rights to refuse to produce culturally insensitive materials. 


We will forward you the shipping address if you plan to send in any wrap or other materials. Please ensure that the materials you are sending are safe for babywearing. We inspect material and will advise regarding length and pattern placement. We do not inspect nor can be held accountable for cosmetics issue of the wrap that has been sent (pulled threads, broken threads, stain, etc.).


You can change, omit or add any element during this consultation period. This process usually takes about one week. Once we have the design and quotation finalised, we will wait for your official confirmation via email to commence on work. Once you have stated your confirmation, cancellation or changes in design is not possible anymore. We advise that time and attention is taken in finalising the order.




We may take up to 3 weeks to complete your order. We will be rather quiet but you can drop a line anytime to request for update. When your order is nearing completion (1-2 days to completion) we will send you an email to inform you and request for balance payment. We will send you an invoice with the balance payment details. You can make balance payment via PayPal or transfer to our MAYBANK/CIMB account. We will then arrange for shipment once payment is cleared.


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