For personalised items such as Stork Personalised or Wrap Conversions, please visit this page for complete details.





Browse for our product available in-stock using the 'SHOP' tab in the menu bar. Choose items, select required colour and size (if applicable) and adjust the quantity required. Then, click on the 'ADD TO CART' button.


Your item will be placed in the cart. Continue this process if you want to choose more products and add to cart.




To access your CART, you can click 'VIEW CART' at the pop-up or you can scroll to the top to click on the cart icon


Here, you can adjust the quantity or remove an item from the cart. 


Click on 'Add a note' if you have special instructions, like to request for gift wrap, or Calligraphy note.




When the items are set, you can proceed to payment. Choose PayPal to pay using PayPal account or credit card.


If you would like to pay using online bank transfer or cash deposit machine, select 'CHECKOUT'


You will be able to review again the items in your shopping cart, update the delivery address and proceed by selecting suitable shipment to your area.


Then again you will be able to choose to pay using PayPal, or you can select 'OFFLINE PAYMENT' if you prefer to make payment by bank transfer or use cash deposit machine. The account number will be displayed and you can choose to transfer to our MAYBANK account or CIMB account.


We are able to email to you the account numbers again when requested.


Your order gets through when you reach the page that says 'THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING! You will also get an automatic order confirmation email in your mailbox.

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