Updated 04/11/2020:


  • All new masks comes with adjustable elastics that you can loop on the ears of fastened at the back with minor adjustments

  • Ready-made face masks order is usually shipped in 1-3 days using Poslaju, please inform us if you wish to use other shipping methods.

  • We are taking pre-orders and it takes up to 2 week to be ready to be shipped.

  • Bulk order of a set of 30pcs is available. RM300 with shipping. Contact us for details.

  • Due to current regulation to protect limited resources, face masks cannot be exported outside Malaysia.

  • SNUGGbaby's cloth face mask is a hygiene item therefore sales are final. Exchange and refund are not possible thus please observe the limitations of cloth type facemask and note the sizing before making your purchase.

  • Thank you for your support!



These washable face masks are made using printed cotton fabric on the outside, and water resistant, breathable thin foam polyester. There's a metal wire to secure the mask on your nose bridge. The face mask is designed to cup your nose mouth and chin and secured by the elastic band. The face mask will be shipped to you with the adjustable elastic bands that can be worn as ear loops or fastened at the back. Should you need to adjust the tightness, you can just slide the beads.

The face masks come in 2 sizes. Adult size and child size. Child size is suitable for 4-10 years old. 

Please read this article to understand whether or not you need a cloth face mask.

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